House Painting Bay Area: Interior Painting Inspiration

Sometimes, you feel that your interiors need a fresh change, and house painting in the Bay Area will do the trick. The hard part of the whole project is decision making, especially in choosing paint colors for your interior rooms. Whether you hire professional painters or do the work yourself, it’s great to find places for painting inspiration.

You will never run out of places to find ideas and inspiration for interior house painting in the Bay Area. As you visit a neighbor or a friend, make note of things that you like or dislike about their home. For instance, you may not like their choice of furniture, but you may love the color combinations of the walls and the trim.

You may also discover inspiration through shopping. Look at displays that are set up, especially in the house wares section or in local furniture stores. You may see something that strikes your fancy in either of these places.

Even when you’re outside and taking a short hike, you may also be able to pick out design possibilities that Mother Nature offers. You may find several shades of green in the summer and spring, and warm autumn colors from the trees and plants. Do you want to incorporate the beauty of the flowers and leaves with interesting shapes into your own home? You can do so by including a little stencil work on your walls, giving them some dash of color and pattern.

Or if you want to stay inside your room and surf the Internet, you will find endless inspiration available online. Many television shows have websites that offer decorating ideas. These include shows on HGTV, This Old House, or the DIY Network, among others. These websites offer similar tips as on their TV shows. Some of these websites also offer color painting suggestions.

You can also surf the websites of paint manufacturers. They feature color preview apps and interactive design pages available to help you select the colors and designs they offer. Some will even let you see the colors on your walls by uploading photos from your home. Many major name paint companies have preview apps. You can find them on Glidden, Behr, Dulux, Kelly Moore, Valspar, Olympic, Benjamin Moore, Resene, and Sherwin-Williams. Sure, color choosing may be difficult but thankfully these websites offer options, even some you may not have thought of before.

Parenting sites are also an excellent place to pick up inspiration, especially if you’ve got younger kids and are thinking about the colors that would be painted inside their bedrooms or playrooms. Check out pictures of children’s rooms or blogs that feature do-it-yourself room designs. Social media and networking sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest are also great places to look for fabulous interior decorating ideas. How-to guide sites like eHow and WikiHow will also offer you not just color ideas but also guide you step-by-step through painting your interior.

There are also search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing where you can search for a color by name or a design. Within seconds you will see a wide variety of ideas that you can use in your house painting project.

If you’re still in doubt, you may want to contact professional painters to discuss your ideas when you’re about to do interior house painting in the Bay Area. Professional painting contractors often provide ideas that you may like. Or even if they do not give ideas, they will otherwise help you achieve the best quality results for your interior.


Painting Contractors Alamo – Is It Necessary to Use TSP the Next Time You Paint?

Choosing to paint your home may leads to questions. Painting contractors in Alamo are available to provide answers. As a homeowner, you may be concerned about the contractor being trustworthy or fitting with your budget. You may be concerned about chemicals used in paints or additives that are in them. Some will notice TSP and wonder what it is, with the contractor use it and is it necessary.

Trisodium phosphate, or TSP, is an additive. Most painters use it to clean painted surfaces prior to beginning to paint. It is very safe for use in the home. In fact, you may notice it in your laundry soap or even in some foods. It mixes with warm water and is rinsed away.

If you wonder why TSP is used, it helps to cut the grease and grime that attaches to walls and cabinets during daily use. A baby throws spaghetti sauce and leaves a stain. Grease splatters leave a film on the wall. If someone smokes in the home, nicotine lingers. It can also help clean up water damage and soot from a fireplace. If this residue isn’t removed, it could affect the way the paint sticks to what is being painted. TSP is made for this purpose.

You may look at your walls and not realize how dirty they are. TSP, as a degreaser, removes grease from kitchen surfaces. Once the grease is on the surface, you can forget about paint sticking properly. And, you’ll have to clean it and repaint to make it stick. Using TSP can help alleviate the prospects of extra painting.

Dust and dirt can cling to walls even when you don’t realize it. As a cleaner, TSP can clean the dust and dirt away so the painting contractor in Alamo will be assured of a clean surface and will feel confident there won’t be a problem with the paint adhering to the walls.

If you painted a surface and it is too glossy, TSP can help de-gloss the paint. It works on high-gloss, semi-gloss and some satin finishes in the same way so new paint will stick. Painters in Alamo will sand the surface prior to using TSP. They will also rinse the surface and allow it to dry before they begin applying a new coat of paint.

TSP can also be used with chlorine bleach if you have mildew in your bathroom. Painting contractors in Alamo know what chemicals are safe to mix TSP with and how the mixtures will affect different surfaces. It is best not to use TSP as a general cleaning aid as it can stain metal and damage grout.

If you choose to use TSP, be sure to follow these safety precautions, as with any chemical additives. Wear long sleeves and pants, gloves and eye protection. Keep TSP with other chemicals and out of the reach of children. If TSP falls on plants, remove it immediately. If you are using a painting contractor in your Alamo home, you can rest assured that they will use TSP properly and ensure your home is safe for your family.

Painting in Alamo – What to Know About Interior Painting

New interior Painting in Alamo can alter the way you feel about your home as well as change the appearance of it. There is a good bit of prep work to do before painting your Alamo home. So before you start prepping, consider this advice about which paints you use.

There is a huge difference between painting when you want to and painting when you have to. If you want to have paint that lasts until you decide to paint again, you will want to follow these tips:

  • Buy the best quality paint you can afford
  • Prepare your home’s interior before starting to paint
  • Use the right tools for the job

Custom Painting, Inc., and other licensed painters in Alamo, understands how to achieve the best interior painting results. For them, following those three tips with every painting job they take.

The old adage that you get what you pay for is true, especially when it comes to paint. For the best results, choose the better quality paints. They may cost more, but the quality is so much better. They stand up to wear better than cheaper paints. Higher quality paints also contain more titanium providing better coverage. This means you won’t have to paint as often and that equates to savings. High quality paints are also more likely to have additives that will help resist mildew or insulate your home which could help you save money on heating and cooling costs.

Consider the paint’s sheen when you purchase it. High gloss paint is more durable and will clean easily with mild soap and water. It is also less likely to nick or fade. This type of paint is generally used in kitchens, trim and doors. Semi-gloss paint is commonly used in bathrooms. Eggshell paint is often used for the walls and flat will be used on the ceilings.

Have you chosen a color yet? Did you know you can help a small room appear bigger using paint? Light colors will help to make a room open up. Use a darker shade on one wall to create interest. Before choosing paint, consider natural light sources in the room. The amount of light and time of day can make paint take on a different hue. You will also want to consider the room’s furnishings, carpeting and draperies before choosing paint colors.

Take your time before painting a whole room. Test the paint by painting a small area, getting larger paint chips or painting poster board and placing a piece on each wall of the room. This will enable you to see how natural light affects the color, helps you visualize the paint with your furnishings and can save you from choosing the wrong paint and having to repaint because it wasn’t right.

Do you know the right tools for the painting job you have planned? The type of paint, either latex or oil-based, can determine the type of brush you use. Brushes with nylon bristles are often best for water-based (or latex) paints. If you choose oil-based paints, you’ll want to use natural bristle paint brushes. At a minimum you will need a 2” angled sash paintbrush and a 3” trim brush. Rollers will also be needed. The longer the nap (3/8” or more) will be used for textured surfaces while you can get by with 1/4” up to 3/8” for smoother surfaces. If you choose to do the painting, a paint store can help you. However, a licensed painter in Alamo will have the needed tools and choose the right one for the job.

Take time to prep the surfaces being painted. You may need to scrape and sand chipped paint. Holes and cracks will need to be filled in and allowed to dry completely before sanding. Wash the walls to remove dust and dirt and allow thorough drying time. Remember to remove plug covers and light switch plates. A primer is best used if there are stains or consistent color is important.

You may have questions about the time needed to do all of these things. Are you concerned about buying tools that aren’t needed or too little paint? This is where a licensed painter can help. They understand what is needed and can do the job quickly with great results when you’re ready for painting your Alamo home. In the end, by using a painter, you could save both time and money.

Painting in Alamo – What Are Current Bathroom Color Trends?

bayareahousepainting-wordpress-   Painting in Alamo – What Are Current Bathroom Color Trends?Does your bathroom give you the ho-hums? Perhaps its’ time to try painting your Alamo home’s bathroom with urrent bathroom color trends. New paint, no matter what room it is in, can help you feel better about that room. This is true even in bathrooms. Add a fresh coat of paint to give your bathroom new life.

Here are some questions to think about before changing the paint in your bathroom to one of the current color trends:

  • Will the new color work with your current flooring and fixtures? These will be costly to replace, so be sure the new color palette for your bathroom does not clash with what is currently there.
  • How does natural light affect the bathroom? Will bright morning light make a new color look faded or unappealing? Will late afternoon lighting affect how the bathroom looks? If the colors will change dramatically depending on the level of the sun, you may want to consider a different color.
  • Will the new colors you’ve chosen fit in with the remainder of your home? While there isn’t anything wrong with using color for color’s sake, if you don’t have similar colors somewhere nearby, the bathroom may seem disjointed from the rest of the house.

Many people are choosing new paint palettes for their bathroom. Colors are bold and even a little unusual. Consider the people who choose to use apple green paint for their walls and with white trim. Others may choose to use browns and reds on their color palette. The brown can be anything from dark chocolate or cinnamon to caramel. The red colors they use to complement the browns are coral, tomato or burgundy. While these color palettes may not appeal to everyone, with the right technique and accessories, they can be quite striking.

Pastels and muted colors are also being used in current color palettes. Pastels that are cheerful and bright, like turquoise, bright yellow, or peach are combined with gray. This can include using gray as the accent wall in your bathroom or like a chair rail rather than painting the entire room gray.

A common choice for bathroom colors is to use water-themed colors. Think of sea green, aqua or sea blue. These are wonderful for use on the walls. Mother-of-pearl, white and sandy yellow might be used as the color for the trim. Use a sponge to create texture like grains of sand using the same colors. This will create interest in the room.

Don’t be afraid to use color in unexpected ways. Even if you use traditional colors for the walls, you can choose accessories or trim that is a stark comparison from the main color in the room. Consider amethyst or scarlet as accent colors. Oxblood, which is a mixture of garnet red and chocolate brown, can warm your bathroom up.

Black and white, as well as navy blue and white, are classic combinations that still work well in bathrooms. If you enjoy classic styles, this might be a great choice. To add a punch of color, find luxurious towels in jewel-tones.

Whatever choice you make when painting your Alamo bathroom, be sure the color is flattering to your skin tone. The colors around you can affect how your make looks if you apply it in the bathroom. Look around at current bathroom trends and then choose a painter in Alamo to help you bring life to your vision for your bath space.

What to Avoid When Planning for House Painting in Alamo

What to Avoid When Planning for House Painting in Alamo

You can save yourself many headaches if you learn what to avoid when planning for house painting in Alamo. Remodeling and repairing your home can be challenging. If you choose to work with licensed painters like the staff at Custom Painting, Inc., they can help you develop a plan for your next painting project. Having the right painting plan can be what you need to avoid potential problems and get the results you want.

House Painting in Alamo – Things to Avoid

  • Get a written contract rather than making a verbal agreement. Failing to get details in writing leaves way for misunderstandings or things to be forgotten. Create a contract that both parties sign to ensure all of your painting requirements are met. It is also a good idea to write down any questions you may have to ensure you get them all answered before signing a contract.
  • Make plans for house painting in Alamo as soon as possible rather than waiting until the last minute. Avoiding last minute decisions which can lead to mistakes or problems. Invest the time needed to think about what painting you would like to have done. Meeting with several painting contractors will ensure you choose the right painting company for the job. This investment in time will result in less stress, better use of your time and possible problems that result in extra financial need.
  • Get advice from licensed painting professionals or other experts before deciding to paint your house. Seek the help of friends or family who have had their home painted to get recommendations for painters in the Alamo area. When you seek the help of those who have this experience, you can be sure you have the knowledge you need to make the best decision and to make your house painting experience pleasant.
  • Be sure you have the correct amount of paint to finish the project. Measure the space that needs to be painted when you begin thinking about painting your home. Measure the area again before you order the paint. You can even look online to find painting calculators that will ensure you have the paint you need. It is better to get the correct amount of paint before you begin the project than be short and take a chance not getting the same color. If you are concerned about the paint being different, pour all paint into a large bucket and mix to ensure all areas of the room have the same color.

Remodeling or painting your home can be stressful. If you follow these suggestions and have a plan of action before you begin, it will make the process go smoother. Knowing what to do, and what to avoid, will help you get the results you want when house painting in Alamo.