Commercial Painting Services San Jose: Brighten an Office Without Windows

While most of us would love to work in a spacious office with lots of windows around that allow natural light, unfortunately, we get stuck in working at windowless offices and cubicles. However, commercial painting services in San Jose include will turn your dark, dingy and windowless offices into more agreeable-looking spaces by some painting and design tricks that will give the illusion of daylight.

1. Choose a new paint color

One of the best and most effective ways to brighten up a dark, windowless room is to change the paint colors on the walls.

It is actually counter-productive to use stark, solid white for the walls unless your working area is a hospital, a clinic, a school, a doctor’s office or a laboratory. If you use solid, bright white in a windowless room, it will end up looking flat, cold, and lifeless when hit by artificial light. Stark white may even appear darker if you choose the wrong lighting.

Go for the other shades of white such as beige, cream white, peach, Navajo white or powdery blues, soft pinks or lighter shades of yellow. These colors will help open your office space and inject a sense of warmth into it.

If you use one color for the entire room – including the ceiling – the lines and edges will disappear, and the claustrophobic atmosphere will float away. This will create a more flowing, seamless and open look to your office space.

2. Install a large mirror

Unless you want to change the structure of your office space, there is not much you can do to its actual dimensions. But you can create an illusion of an illuminated and expanded space by adding a large mirror. Not only does it simulate a large window, but it can also add a sense of depth and make the space appear bigger and wider. A large mirror also bounces some of the indoor light, making your office space look brighter and feel warmer.

3. Use glass doors or French doors

Glass doors are typical sights in the office. They also double as some sort of a window which gives you the sense of peering out into space outside, even if it is just an ordinary corridor that leads to your office. It also allows the surrounding light into your office space. If you want some privacy though, you can go for glass windows with a strategically placed frosting (another good alternative is using French doors).

4. Add some natural elements to your office space

There are benefits of adding plants to your office space – they help in reducing stress, boosting productivity and cleaning and purifying indoor air, among many others. But when you deal with an utter lack of natural light, choose low-maintenance indoor plants that do not require lots of sunlight and will do well in low-light areas such as snake plant, spider plant, bamboo palm and succulents like cacti and Aloe Vera, as well as different varieties of ferns.

5. Disperse light evenly

Dealing with a windowless office, it is essential to disperse light evenly. One of the best ways is to have pot lights or overhead lights evenly spaced throughout the ceiling. To make the area even brighter, add lights to hidden areas – tuck in small lamps under furniture pieces or behind shelves to create more light. You can also use recessed floor lights to illuminate darkened office aisles.

Designing and decorating an office space without windows will pose certain challenges, and it certainly calls for professional help. You cannot go wrong with the best commercial painting services in San Jose to turn your windowless offices into bright and open spaces that will help in boosting your mood, professional attitude, creativity and productivity.


Best Painting Contractors Pleasanton – Painting Schools While School Is Out

The best painting contractors in Pleasanton will make your school buildings looking brand new once again to welcome another school year with a fresh and positive note.

As the school year has just ended once again, and students cannot wait to spend their summer vacation – either by hitting the beaches or just hitting the sack. But for schools and other learning institutions, holidays mean a perfect opportunity to restore the appearances of their classrooms, faculty rooms and other facilities (such as canteens, gyms, and theaters).

Both paint experts and faculty agree that a school’s physical environment will significantly influence on a student’s quality of learning. This means that even just a new coat of paint – on both the school’s interiors and exteriors – contributes significantly to the success of their students. An environment that is pleasing to the eyes, safe and conducive to learning will inspire the students to flourish.

Schools are also high-traffic areas which are subjected to constant wear and tear, so they need to be repaired and re-painted. But when inferior paints are used, they will be even more susceptible to fading and surface flaws. That is why hiring only reputable commercial painters is important, because they use only the best quality paints and other special coatings to ensure a solid paint finish which can withstand even the highest traffic.

For instance, school gym walls are subject to a ton of abuse and this means they need epoxy wall coatings for a durable and low-maintenance finish. Other examples are lockers and handrails which need a special type of coating made for metals, e.g., enamel or steel coating, that will prevent them from rusting over time.

If you had to refurbish and repaint your school, you might as well make it an even safer place for all students. Some of them may have allergies or respiratory sensitivities, that is why coating all classrooms and hallways with paints with no VOC is highly suggested.

Some students can be disobedient to the school rules, and they may deface school property such as scribbling graffiti on classroom and restroom walls. Covering and repainting over graffiti can be a bit tricky. However, you can rely only on reputable contractors because they have the skills, experience, and tools to make sure that these unwanted defacements disappear, just like they have never been there before.

Due to budget and time constraints, painting schools is usually an involved and often complicated job. Again, we stress the importance of hiring only reputable commercial painters – they are experienced, highly skilled and extensively trained to handle the pressures and restrictions given to any painting project. They provide dependable and quality service that will suit your budget and your time frame. Ask painting contractors for an estimate, and they will be glad to provide you with a complete and accurate estimate so that you will be able to set the time and budget accordingly.

School breaks mean that classrooms, halls and other facilities are empty – the perfect opportunity to refresh their appearances before another school year opens. The best painting contractors in Pleasanton is dedicated to providing quality paint jobs to schools, colleges and universities, daycares, and other learning institutions.



Which Commercial Painters in Dublin Are the Best?

Everyone wants to build a successful business. So, part of the success is the kind of people you are hiring – and commercial painters in Dublin are one of them.

You do not want to hire an underhanded paint contractor. But as the word “underhanded” is concerned, a lot of these inferior and fly-by-night companies are under the guise of a dependable and reputable company. They claim that they’re the best painters out there, but they are not able, or they simply refuse to prove it. That’s why you should exercise caution by assessing each of your chosen potential candidates as well as doing your own homework.

The following is a rather simple but fool-proof guide which can help you in picking the best painter in your area, whether you’re looking for the best commercial painters in Dublin, the best commercial painters in Fremont, or the best commercial painting in East Bay:

1. Get referrals from your friends, co-workers, relatives, neighbors, etc. This is better than looking for contractors in the yellow pages. If they say some good things about the contractor they have worked in the past and may even enthusiastically refer them to you, then it’s a very good sign that this contractor will be worthy to work on your project.

2. You should find out whether this contractor is licensed and insured. In California, all contractors and builders are required to have a valid license. For contractors, it’s easy to say that they are licensed, but still, you should ask them for proof that they are indeed licensed and insured.

For contractors to obtain a license, they must be qualified enough to apply at the Contractors State License Board (CLSB). They are likely to take an exam which tests their skills and knowledge in their chosen field. If the painting contractor doesn’t have a license, it means that they lack the necessary experience and expertise, not just in the painting job itself but also in operating a business.

When contractors are found to have a valid license, it is likely that they also have insurances as well. It’s better if they have both a liability insurance and a worker’s compensation insurance. Liability insurance covers certain situations like accidental or intentional damage done by their employees while they’re working on the site. Worker’s compensation insurance, on the other hand, compensates their employees who are hurt or injured while working on the site, for medical expenses and lost wages, no matter who was at fault. Worker’s compensation insurance will also provide benefits and financial support to the employees’ benefits in case of death or permanent disability.

3. Every client wants to hire a contractor with years of experience, a wealth of expertise in their field, a wide range of different services other than painting, and with the latest innovations in paints and painting.  You want no less than a contractor who is experienced and fully knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the commercial painting industry.

A good and reputable painting contractor should also be focused on quality workmanship and put customer satisfaction at the core of their business. The contractor knows all too well that these factors will put the “oil” to their business which keep it running.

A reputable painting contractor should also be adaptable to the ever-changing economic situations, the latest technological advancements, environmental concerns, and the changing preferences of their customers. They should also introduce the latest innovations on paints and coatings, as well as the latest methods and techniques in painting.

By doing this, contractors won’t be left behind in the latest innovations and technologies in paints and their application. Being up-to-date on these advancements allows them to be a step ahead of their competition and makes them more desirable to customers.

Because of the stiff competition, contractors have to diversify their services to include other things beside the painting job itself. If you can find an “all-in-one” contractor who also does cleaning and preparation of the surfaces, some construction and repair work, clean-up after work, paint color consultation, etc., then you may have likely found the contractor you are looking for.

4. You should also hire a painting contractor who treats their employees well, because treating them well will put the contractor in its best interest. It will also help in boosting productivity. Training them continually with the latest painting techniques, providing them additional skills that they need to enhance their craft, and providing them regular safety training will help them transform into valuable assets of the company.

5. The best contractors should offer the best and the fairest pricing that matches their services. To get the best pricing, ask each candidate for an estimate, take time to go through each of them and make comparisons. If you find out that the rates they offer seem too good to be true, then you have to ask them why there is such a difference.

Hiring the best commercial painters in Dublin is not just a big investment. You also make them part of your business’ success.

Learning about Commercial Painting Companies Near Me

learning-about-commercial-painting-companies-near-meLearning about commercial painting companies near me is essential because it will help you decide whether any of these companies is worth hiring. Sure, this will take a lot of work, but you probably would not mind doing all the research – after all, it’s your business that’s at stake here. You know that you don’t want to jeopardize your business by hiring a commercial painting company that doesn’t meet all your requirements and specifications.

The following are the essential points that you need to know when learning about commercial painters. They will help you avoid the frustrations of hiring a contractor who turns out to be unfit or incompetent for the job.

Experience and expertise

Customers immediately consider experience and expertise when looking for a commercial painter. Naturally, they would usually ask, “Does this painter have any experience?” or “How many years has he been in the business?”

Usually, an experienced painter is expected to handle the demands and the challenges that come with commercial painting, especially in the case of enormous projects.

There are companies that offer both residential and commercial painting, while others offer only residential painting or only commercial painting. Choosing the right painting company may be based on your preference or the nature of your business. For instance, if you own and manage an apartment complex, you might as well hire a painting company who has an experience and expertise in both residential and commercial painting (since apartments are both commercial and residential buildings).


Not all states in the country require their own commercial painters to be licensed and/or insured. But in California, all businesses, including commercial painting companies, should have licenses to operate legally.

There are lots of benefits you can get when you hire a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor is most likely to be bonded and insured as well. When a licensed contractor is also bonded and insured, this will give you protection from financial (and even perhaps legal) liability in case there is an unlikely event where your project goes terribly wrong.

For instance, a worker falls and gets injured while painting your establishment. If his contractor has a license and worker’s compensation insurance, that contractor will cover all the worker’s medical expenses. Imagine if his contractor is not licensed and insured, they could demand that you pay his hospital expenses. Worse, they can also sue you.

If the painting contractor claims that he is licensed and insured, ask him to provide a proof of licensing and insurance to verify that they’re valid.

Communication and professional behavior

Do the contractor and workers arrive on time at the site? Do the workers bring complete materials needed for their job? Do they communicate with their clients and their colleagues well? Well-established and reputable companies pride themselves in employing workers who match their working experience in commercial painting with their excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Customer reviews

Feedback is important because it will give you a good idea of whether a commercial painter you are considering gives excellent (or otherwise terrible) customer service. Look only for legitimate customer reviews and testimonials. If a painting contractor receives mostly negative reviews, avoid that contractor.

Estimates, contracts, and warranties

Well-established and reputable contractors provide documents before, during, and after the project.


Ask the contractor for a written estimate only after they are done assessing the job and inspecting your establishment.  So, what to expect from an estimate?

An estimate typically includes the contractor’s contact and business details; the scope of the project; specifications about paints, primers, and other related products; start date and completion date of the project; the total cost (which usually includes taxes); and other details like terms and conditions, as well as payment terms.

The bidding contractors should give an accurate, correct, and fair estimate. If they offer you an estimate that’s way too high compared to the industry average, ask them whether they include additional repairs, special coatings, etc., in addition to the painting job. If they offer you an estimate that’s too low, you have the right feel suspicious because it means that the bidder only intends to make quick money.


A written contract is important because it will protect you from possible fraud and prevent misunderstandings in the future. Make sure that you read every detail of the contract – duration of the job, cost, paints and supplies, methods, and many others – before inking it. If you find things in the contract that you feel they need to clear up for you, do not hesitate to discuss it with your contractor.

How to Plan a Budget for Commercial Painters in Manteca

how-to-plan-a-budget-for-commercial-painters-in-mantecaEvery business wants an attractive physical appearance for their establishment to entice potential clients. At the same time though, they want to keep the job within their specific budget. That’s why commercial painters in Manteca are there to make sure that they work on the budget and at the same time deliver the job that the customers want.

The first impression of commercial painters is that they paint large areas and charge more than their residential counterpart. While commercial painters do paint large spaces such as shopping complexes and skyscrapers, that is not always the case. Commercial painters are known to be versatile, so they can paint smaller mom-and-pop businesses as well as they can paint larger establishments

In the case of a small retail shop or cafe, painting contractors will calculate the cost based on the paints, materials, labor, etc., and employ a smaller crew. But for bigger establishments such as a shopping complex and/or high-rise apartments, contractors will also calculate the costs but the difference this time is that they will hire a bigger crew and employ equipment that is unique to commercial painting like scaffolding, sand blasters, and lifts. Commercial painters may also use paints and other coatings that are different to those used in a residential painting.

Accurate estimates are the key to a successful budgeting. Contractors look at each job carefully and calculate the expenses on the following: paints and other coatings, materials, labor and other miscellaneous matter. They should provide an estimate that is not just accurate but can also be adjusted in the event there should be some last-minute modifications to the project. It’s recommended to re-evaluate the estimate if the paint job is still in progress because this is a good way to avoid cost overruns.

Painters typically charge $25 to $45 per hour, but it still depends on the contractor, the workers’ experience, and the state they’re located in. Some painters would charge by the hour, while others would charge depending on the scale of the project. If you take the hourly rate, for example, expect a single painter to charge you $200-$400 for a day’s work. But if you hire a contractor to paint a large business establishment, work will take more than a day. It will also take more than one painter to finish the whole project. So, with these factors, you can expect to pay them more than the suggested date.

A painter’s speed and efficiency will also make a good basis on how much you will pay him. So, let’s say a painter covers about 100 square feet per hour. If he manages to paint 1,000 square feet in a full day’s work, his rate is expected to range from $250 to $450. Imagine these figures increasing in a large-scale commercial painting job.

Cost of labor aside, you should also include other factors such as paints, coatings, supplies, tools, equipment (don’t forget to find out if contractors use their own equipment or otherwise rent them). Apart from the painting job itself, you should also consider other stages of the project such as prep work, clean-up and disposal of wastes. The physical condition of your business, the complexity of the job, and the experience of commercial painters in Manteca are some of the factors that will help you determine the right budget for the project.

Talking with the Staff of Commercial Painters in Dublin

For service-oriented companies, communication is the key to better business relations between the company and their clients. It’s also the same for commercial painters in Dublin.

For the clients, discussing their needs, wants and goals with their contractors in a more detailed manner will give the painters more idea on how to do their job. As a result, they will be able to execute the job more efficiently. But there’s also a compromise: you should also consider helpful remarks and suggestions from their contractors so that they will be able to make the space even better. Remember – they’re professionals so they’re supposed to be the experts in this area.

Asking commercial painters with the right questions is also a part of a good communication. Here are some of the most important questions that clients should not forget to ask when considering commercial painters:

1. Are you licensed and insured?
In California, businesses and professionals are required to have licenses to operate lawfully. When commercial painters are licensed, they should be insured. They should offer proof of licensing and insurance such as liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. License and insurance will protect the client in case the workers are injured while working on your property, or cause damage or loss of your property.

2. Are you bonded?
Commercial painting contractors should also be bonded. A bond will protect the client in case the workers fail to carry out the project on time or commit violations on the contract.

3. What kind of materials you use?
Some think that this is a negligible question, but asking the painters about the kind of paints, materials and supplies they use is also important because it will directly impact the result of the paint job. When the contractor uses high-quality paints and supplies, they translate into a good paint finish that won’t only look good but is also guaranteed to last for a long time.

4. Do you provide safety training to your workers?
Clients are also concerned about the safety factor of any painting project. Safety is the most important especially in these types of industry such as commercial painting. Even if the workers carry proper insurances, it is still necessary to ask them if they have undergone (and passed) safety trainings, use safety gears and follow safety procedures. You don’t want accidents to happen in your property!

5. Do you use your own workers, or do you subcontract?
Some contractors subcontract to avoid exorbitant costs and earn more money. It means that contractors pay subcontracted workers a flat fee, and never bother about other important things such as security taxes and employee benefits.

Since subcontracted painters are paid with a flat fee, they may be tempted to do a sloppy work, or cut corners, to finish the job fast. Result? An inferior paint finishes.

That’s why it’s better to hire contractors who employ highly-skilled workers who will finish the job quickly but efficiently.

6. What are the things included in your warranty? And how long is your warranty?
Typically, warranties have two or three years.

The usual things that painters cover in their warranty are mostly defects which are the direct result of their poor workmanship or the use of inferior materials. They include fading, peeling, or blistering that happens soon than expected (after the painting job has been done).

However, other issues such as horizontal surfaces, surface flaws in paints that are supplied by the customers, rust, molds and mildew, and incidental damages, etc., are not covered in the warranty.

7. What’s in a contract?
When you have just hired the winning contractor, you will be given a contract. A contract typically includes the cost of materials and labor, job time frame, the number of workers, and payment options. Usually, labor takes the biggest part of the cost (about 85%). Workers typically charge you $48 or $70 per hour.

When workers charge you less than average, then you should be wary about the quality of work that they’ll provide – they’re mostly after your money. But if they charge you way too much, then you’ll be paying them merely for their name and reputation and will not do the actual work.

Asking the staff of commercial painters in Dublin with the right questions is also part of a good communication. If they can provide answers that will satisfy you, then you’re only a few steps away from hiring them! Otherwise, find for better contractors who will be able to meet your specifications.

Painting Contractors Doing Commercial Painting Near Me

When looking for painters to improve your commercial space, one of the first things you are concerned about is whether or not they are conveniently located near your place of business: “Are there painting contractors doing commercial painting near me?”

While their location and availability are important, you should also consider more significant factors such as their professionalism, consistency in their performance, and commitment to their work. You don’t want to waste your money on inferior, fly-by-night or fake contractors who will become a liability to, rather than as part of, your business’ success.

Consider these guides to help you find a good contractor:

  1. When you discover a contractor whose schedule is almost always full, it means that he is busy and gets a lot of work. Therefore, it could be a good indication that this is a contractor who does a consistently great job and therefore is trusted by his clients.However, you should also be forewarned: contractors who aren’t able to return your calls never necessarily mean that they are busy for good reasons. It may mean that the company has been receiving lots of complaints because they deliver a poor performance or employ rude and unprofessional workers. Worse, they may be receiving lawsuit threats when their workers caused an injury to their clients without claiming accountability to it, or committed crimes like theft. And because of these troubles, they may not be able to respond your calls – a sign that it could be a sham company.

    The Better Business Bureau website ( is one good way to ascertain the reputation (or notoriety) of a painting contractor by looking at the number of complaints. The fewer the complaints, the more likely you would consider this contractor as worth hiring. They may be the best painting contractors in Pleasanton or the surrounding areas.

  2. Commercial painting contractors may have more jobs than just a painting task – such as repairs and other methods of surface preparation like wet/dry blasting or removal of lead in old paint. They may also have some applicable knowledge of architecture or interior design that will be helpful in their line of work. You may look at the contractor’s affiliations or memberships in trade groups or clubs which speak of their commitment to their job.
  3. Commercial painting contractors are also supposed to have a working knowledge about everything in their field, even the most minuscule and most intricate details. If you ask them about something, in particular, that is related to their job, the most seasoned contractors are more than willing to discuss them with you.
  4. Contractors who charge you only a fraction of the total service fee (normally before they start working) are reputable contractors. In accordance with California business codes, your down payment to the contractor should not exceed more than 10% of the contract price (or $1,000), whichever is less. Withhold the final payment until you are satisfied with the contractor’s work.However, the exception to this rule applies to contractors who have obtained the Blanket Performance and Payment Bond, which can be seen on their license. This bond, once secured, allows contractors to exceed the standard 10% down payment.
  5. Contractors who are licensed, insured and bonded are, no doubt, reputable contractors who run their businesses legally. Their licenses should show that they are also insured and bonded – these will protect you from financial (and possibly legal) troubles when the workers are injured while painting your property or have committed criminal acts like theft – their insurance policy, and not you, will be the ones to shoulder the expenses.

“Would I be able to find painting contractors doing commercial painting near me?” Since there are several painting service companies out there, you are most likely to find one. Convenience is only a part of the equation – what matters more is the kind of service they bring and the level of professionalism that they demonstrate toward their clients.