Painting Concord – Painting Your Home’s Exterior Properly

Painting Concord – Painting Your Home's Exterior Properly
Painting experts recommend repainting a home’s exterior at least every 10 years. If you are considering painting your Concord home, you may wonder where to start.

  • How much Paint? You can find out how paint you’ll need by measuring the height of each exterior wall by the walls’ width. Since each gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet, this will help you determine how many gallons you’ll need. Check the paint you’ve chosen as some will have different estimates. A paint salesman can also help you determine your paint needs. Add at least 25% of your total amount to ensure you don’t run out. If you have extra paint, keep it handy in case touch ups are needed.
  • What supplies are needed? After you purchase the paint, you’ll also need brushes or rollers, or a sprayer, if you like. A tall, sturdy ladder is also a necessity or scaffolding if you have a two-story home. Drop cloths are needed to protect plants from being dripped on as well as vehicles, walkways or the driveway. Having any items needed to make repairs along the way – including scrapers, sandpaper, putty or caulk – will help to ensure the paint has the best surface on which to adhere. Check to see how old the previous coat of paint is so you can be sure lead is not an issue. Paint trays and stir sticks will also be needed for each person painting.
  • What preparation is needed? You’ll want to scrape off any loose paint you see. Wash the walls with soap and water to remove any dust or dirt that can affect the way the paint adheres to the surface. Let all surfaces dry thoroughly before adding the primer.

Once the house is ready to be painted, take your time. Overfilling the brushes and rollers can lead to drips and runs. When using a sprayer to paint, arm-length strokes are best and most comfortable. Move horizontally, being sure to overlap each pass slightly, to cover the surface evenly. For those who are new to using a sprayer, test on a wall that is not viewable or on a piece of paneling. This will help you get used to the motion before you begin painting an area that will be seen by all.

A small brush or roller is best-suited for trim. Keep an eye out for areas that need a touch up. Remove the painter’s tape you used, if any, and pick up any drop cloths you used. When you have finished painting your Concord home, you can sit back and admire your hard work.


Painters Concord – Pros and Cons of Latex or Oil-Based Paint

Painters Concord – Pros and Cons of Latex or Oil-Based PaintOne of the first questions people ask when starting a painting in Concord project is what type of paint to use – latex or oil-based. Latex paint is water-based, and oil-based is self-explanatory. Choosing which paint to use may not be an easy choice since each type of paint has its good points and its bad points.

Many people choose oil-based paints because of its many advantages. One coat is usually all you need because it adheres and bonds to nearly any type of surface. The length of time it takes to dry allows it to produce a smooth finish. Weather conditions do not have to be perfect because water does not affect it. It generally has a semi-gloss or high gloss finish and holds up well in high-traffic areas. It is resistant to mildew.

It also has several potential disadvantages. It will require chemicals to clean up because it is oil-based. You also have to dispose of remaining paint and rags used to clean up as hazardous material. Its strong smell requires proper ventilation. It can take 24 hours or more to dry depending upon the conditions. It can yellow over time; this possibility may change what color you choose. It also develops chips and cracks leading to peeling paint or flaking because the paint becomes brittle as time passes.

Latex is a newer paint and has quickly become a favorite among painters in Concord. Water-based paint is easier to clean than oil-based paints. As long as you have soap and water, clean up is a breeze. The smell is not as strong as oil-based paint but you will still want to have good ventilation. Latex does not yellow and retains its original color well. It is easier on the environment and is non-flammable. It dries quickly to the touch and can be used on a number of surfaces. If money is a concern, it also costs less than oil-based paints.

Latex paint is not without its disadvantages. It does not stick well to surfaces that had been painted with oil-based paints; however there are new acrylic binders that can be used to alleviate this problem. It does not have a shiny finish like oil-based paints. It dries quickly, which can be an advantage, unless you want to clean up errors are want a smooth finish. Painting latex paint on wood makes the wood swell. You will want to sand between coats for the best results. The weather must be clear when you use latex paint outdoors. A primer is needed when using latex and it will likely require several coats to achieve the coverage you want.

When you hire painters in Concord, ask them which type of paint they will use. Let them know of your preference especially if you are painting over a darker color or you want a particular finish.

Interior Painting Concord – Successful Interior Painting Secrets

Interior Painting Concord – Successful Interior Painting SecretsIt’s time for a change. The paint on your wall looks dingy or it simply doesn’t appeal to you any longer. Interior painting in Concord homes can be accomplished if you know the tricks to achieve successful interior painting. With the proper technique and the right about of care, along with experience, you can achieve the look you want.

  • Start with preparation when interior painting in Concord. If possible, remove everything from the room. This will make sure you don’t get paint drops on it and ensure the job is as easy as possible. It would also be good to remove light fixtures, light and outlet covers as well as doors. Put a piece of tape on each one with a number, and a corresponding number at the place it was removed, so you know which one goes where when the room is painted.
  • Cover everything that cannot be moved or removed using drop cloths made of plastic or canvas. Canvas is a better choice if you can use it since it does not absorb paint but does not get slippery. Old bed sheets do not make good drop cloths as the paint may seep through and get on whatever it covers.
  • If you find repairs, make them right then. Peeling paint, holes in drywall or water damage, if left as it is and then painted over, will only make matters worse. When you take the time to make repairs before you paint, you will be more satisfied with the results.

Shine an uncovered lamp near the wall. This will make small blemishes that you can repair easily apparent. You may also run your hand over the wall to find areas where there are nicks or the surface is uneven.

  • Sand the walls to remove old paint and provide the right conditions for painting. A sandpaper sponge is the best choice for sanding trim. After you finish sanding, damp wash the walls to remove dust which can create an undesirable texture. TSP (trisodium phosphate) or something comparable is your best choice. Smoke stains can be removed with a water/bleach solution (50/50) using two buckets. Be sure you use clear water to rinse to get as much of the dust as possible and not transfer it back to the walls.
  • Apply a coat of primer, allowed to dry completely, before adding color to the walls. Do not over fill the roller or brush to keep drips and runs at bay. If you are not removing the trim to paint the walls, any drips can be smoothed out and then painted over when cutting in and painting the walls. If you can get someone to help you cutting in, the job will go quicker.

To achieve the best results, interior painting in Concord is best left to a professional. They will be able to do the job quickly and professionally, and you will be able to enjoy the results.

Painting Contractors Concord – Helping You Choose the Right Finish

Painting Contractors Concord – Helping You Choose the Right FinishThe right finish can make all the difference in giving your home a fresh, new look. Painting contractors in Concord can help you determine, not only the best finish, but the right colors. Since painting is more than merely adding paint to a wall, a painting contractor will be able to help you prepare the walls, choose what type of luster to use based on how washable the surface has to be. They will also suggest that you do not mix finishes because you most likely won’t like the results.

What finishes are available for interior painting in Concord?

  • Flat, also called matte, has no shine. This is the perfect choice when you want a rustic feel or want to hide imperfections in the wall. It is not a good choice for high-traffic areas that will require cleaning and it may require more touch ups for scratches than other finishes.
  • Flat enamel has more shine than flat, but not much. It can be lightly cleaned when needed, as long as it isn’t too often, and is more durable than flat. This finish is normally used for trim.
  • Eggshell has the shine of a regular egg, which is where it got its name. This finish is a good choice for average walls, but may not be good for high traffic rooms. It cleans better than flat or flat enamel finishes.
  • Satin finish is often used for doors or trim. It produces a velvety sheen. It is easy to clean, and can even be lightly scrubbed, which makes it a great choice for doorframes and window frames. You may also use satin finish for baseboard.
  • Semi-gloss is a good choice for those who want a certain amount of gloss, but not too much. It is very durable and is easy to clean. To achieve the best results, you will want to prepare the wall properly. It will show imperfections but not quite as much as high gloss.
  • Glossy will provide the most reflective finish as it has the highest gloss. If your walls have imperfections, this is not the best choice. If you insist on using this finish, it will be necessary to both sand and prime the walls first. This finish is great for trim and cabinet doors because it provides a dramatic look. Refrain from using this finish for an entire room because it makes the room look sterile and unfriendly.

If you need help deciding what paint finish is best for your project, talk with your painting contractor in Concord. They will be glad to help you choose the finish that best suits your needs.

Painting Contractors Danville – Paint with Stronger Colors

Painting Contractors Danville – Paint with Stronger ColorsPainting contractors in Danville, like Custom Painting, Inc., understand how a new coat of paint can make a huge difference in a house. You may be tempted to use the same colors currently on the walls, but why not take a chance and use strong, bold colors instead. The results can make all the difference in the world in how you view your home and its belongings.

Many colors can be considered as being ‘strong.’ Some are bright and bold. Others are darker in hue. Look at your furniture, draperies or paintings to find the strong colors already in your décor. Rather than using small paint chips provided by paint manufactures, get a couple of pieces of poster board and a small amount of paint. Paint the pieces of poster board and allow them to dry fully. Then place the painted poster board at different locations of the room. This will let you see how the paint looks in different lighting, at different times of the day, and against the furniture and accessories you now have.

Perhaps you’re not ready to paint your entire living room, dining room or bedroom with a stronger color. An accent wall is the perfect place to showcase a special painting or other important mementos. You can also use the accent wall as the location of a cozy sitting area perfect for curling up with a good book.

What type of atmosphere do you want the room you plan to paint to have? Choose warmer colors if you want a cozy atmosphere. Something in a deep red may complement neutral furniture and add warmth to the room. Darker oranges also add warmth and seem like there’s a fireplace in the room. For a color that is usually easy to find pillars or curtains, try darker yellow than sunshine yellow.

If you want a fresh feel to your room, try green, blue or purple. If you have mahogany furniture, a deep forest green might be a good choice. Try gray trim with blue to help foster a sense of trust. You can also add dark lavender if you want to provide a ‘cool’ atmosphere.

You can balance out your rooms by using colors on your walls that are opposite of the main colors in your furniture and curtains. Use darker, bold colors on the walls will complement the cooler colors in the furniture.

Some people think that dark colors make a room seem smaller. The opposite is actually true. Since dark colors recede it actually makes the room appear larger even though the room is still cozy. If you’re unsure of the best strong colors to use, check with painting contractors in Danville. They will be able to help you make the right strong color choices for your home.

Painting in Alamo – What Are Current Bathroom Color Trends?

bayareahousepainting-wordpress-   Painting in Alamo – What Are Current Bathroom Color Trends?Does your bathroom give you the ho-hums? Perhaps its’ time to try painting your Alamo home’s bathroom with urrent bathroom color trends. New paint, no matter what room it is in, can help you feel better about that room. This is true even in bathrooms. Add a fresh coat of paint to give your bathroom new life.

Here are some questions to think about before changing the paint in your bathroom to one of the current color trends:

  • Will the new color work with your current flooring and fixtures? These will be costly to replace, so be sure the new color palette for your bathroom does not clash with what is currently there.
  • How does natural light affect the bathroom? Will bright morning light make a new color look faded or unappealing? Will late afternoon lighting affect how the bathroom looks? If the colors will change dramatically depending on the level of the sun, you may want to consider a different color.
  • Will the new colors you’ve chosen fit in with the remainder of your home? While there isn’t anything wrong with using color for color’s sake, if you don’t have similar colors somewhere nearby, the bathroom may seem disjointed from the rest of the house.

Many people are choosing new paint palettes for their bathroom. Colors are bold and even a little unusual. Consider the people who choose to use apple green paint for their walls and with white trim. Others may choose to use browns and reds on their color palette. The brown can be anything from dark chocolate or cinnamon to caramel. The red colors they use to complement the browns are coral, tomato or burgundy. While these color palettes may not appeal to everyone, with the right technique and accessories, they can be quite striking.

Pastels and muted colors are also being used in current color palettes. Pastels that are cheerful and bright, like turquoise, bright yellow, or peach are combined with gray. This can include using gray as the accent wall in your bathroom or like a chair rail rather than painting the entire room gray.

A common choice for bathroom colors is to use water-themed colors. Think of sea green, aqua or sea blue. These are wonderful for use on the walls. Mother-of-pearl, white and sandy yellow might be used as the color for the trim. Use a sponge to create texture like grains of sand using the same colors. This will create interest in the room.

Don’t be afraid to use color in unexpected ways. Even if you use traditional colors for the walls, you can choose accessories or trim that is a stark comparison from the main color in the room. Consider amethyst or scarlet as accent colors. Oxblood, which is a mixture of garnet red and chocolate brown, can warm your bathroom up.

Black and white, as well as navy blue and white, are classic combinations that still work well in bathrooms. If you enjoy classic styles, this might be a great choice. To add a punch of color, find luxurious towels in jewel-tones.

Whatever choice you make when painting your Alamo bathroom, be sure the color is flattering to your skin tone. The colors around you can affect how your make looks if you apply it in the bathroom. Look around at current bathroom trends and then choose a painter in Alamo to help you bring life to your vision for your bath space.