Exterior House Painting for Danville Homes – Add Visual Interest with Doors and Windows

Exterior House Painting for Danville Homes – Add Visual Interest with Doors and Windows

Whether you are buying or selling, you are going to want to pay attention to your home’s curb appeal. One of the things that count in this matter is exterior house painting in Danville and most other areas. Of course, this is not the only thing that affects the attractiveness of the home. Other things that can make a difference include windows and doors.

One way to use windows to increase curb appeal is to use them as focal points. You can draw the eye to the windows by adding shutters or a frame. Using a contrasting color to paint the shutters, trim, or frame will also add to this effect. Window box planters can be used to add a splash of living color to the side of the house – or you can use silk or plastic flowers (which can be very realistic) to make the color more permanent. You can make the windows appear taller and draw the eye higher by adding a topper or header above them. You can add elegance by using wrought iron or other elaborate accents or stained glass windows. Curtains, blinds or shades can also make a difference when used behind clear windows. If you have shutters that are just for decoration, making them appear functional can also add interest.

Since there are usually fewer doors than windows, the door can be made into a very interesting focal point with much less fuss. Simply painting it with a bold or contrasting color can make it stand out. Leaving a wooden door natural, with just a nice stain on it, can look rustic and warm, especially when the surrounding trim is a dark color. Major door renovations, while more expensive, can add a lot to the curb appeal. Adding side windows to the door, or a door with windows in it, can make your doorway more welcoming. Using bright colors and large house numbers can be both useful and attractive.

Potted plants or greenery next to the doorway or around the windows can be very pleasant. Be careful to use plants that smell nice and will not work into the structure (some ivy is known for this sort of behavior). Consider a wreath on the door, plaques or weather-resistant pictures on the front entry area, a small but cozy seating area on the porch. Accessories can work with the exterior house painting on your Danville home to make it the most appealing house on the block.


Can You Make a Room Look Bigger with Interior Painting in Walnut Creek Homes?

Can You Make a Room Look Bigger with Interior Painting in Walnut Creek Homes?

The literal truth about a room is that its walls are fixed and its shape and size cannot be physically altered without a lot of fuss and muss. Nevertheless, figuratively speaking, a room can be made to appear larger, smaller, or shaped differently with the help of interior painting in Walnut Creek homes. There are a few techniques that can improve the way you and your guests view the rooms, even if they are not ideal.

This is mostly done by the judicial use of color, although texture or patterns can sometimes be a factor. Colors are perceived differently by the eye based on the shade and tint of the color. Darker and warmer colors are generally seen as closer to the viewer, while cooler and lighter colors seem farther away. You can adjust the perception of attractiveness, size, and shape with this knowledge.

If the room you are redecorating is smaller than you would like, painting the walls a light color will make it seem larger. This effect is enhanced when you use the same color on the ceiling. This is because the single color gives the eye no “stopping place,” which opens out a cramped space. A cool color such as blue or green will also increase the effect. This is not a place for patterns or textures. Avoid edges such as borders or contrasting trim.

If the room you wish to redecorate is a large room, darker colors will help it to close in a bit, and warmer colors will make it feel cozy. Use a chair rail or border to split the room horizontally and stop the eye, shrinking it a bit. Stripes or patterns are a good choice here. Add crown molding, trim, or wainscoting; have the bottom of the room a different color from the top. The rooms in your Walnut Creek home can look totally different after interior painting.

If the shape is not to your liking, you can use paint to adjust the perception of shape, as well. A lighter colored ceiling will appear higher, especially when paired with vertically striped walls. A long room can be made to appear more square with lighter colors on the longer walls and darker colors on the ends. Horizontal stripes on those end walls can make them appear wider, as well. Use a shorter wall as an accent or focal point to draw the eye.

Even though the walls and ceiling of a room are not easily moved, one’s eyes can see it as more aesthetically pleasing with the aid of interior painting in your Walnut Creek home.

Learn How to Prepare for Exterior Painting in San Ramon

Learn How to Prepare for Exterior Painting in San Ramon

When you’re planning to make a change to the exterior of your building, consider how time consuming and difficult it may be. The experts at Custom Painting, Inc. are available to do the job for you.

The steps you take to prepare for exterior painting in Danville can pay off in the end. It will make the painting process take less time. Putting in your own efforts can also help to reduce the cost of the project.

Changing the exterior of your building will help improve the curb appeal of your location. A strong curb appeal can draw in new customers or clients. It can also help to entice buyers if you decide to sell. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience and knowledge you need to create a strong plan for maximizing your curb appeal and making the most of your exterior painting investment.

Preparing for Exterior Painting in Danville

Clearing the way – remove all of the items that normal sit around the foundation of a building. Pick up and move the garden hose or feeders that you normally leave sitting around for convenience. The painting crew will appreciate having a clear work space and you will appreciate that they do not spend the time you are paying them picking up instead of painting.

Protecting the landscaping – the plants you have around your foundation will not appreciate the foot traffic of the painting crew. The dripping paint or cleaning supplies used to prepare the walls may also stress out the plants. Take some time to cover them with heavy drop cloths on the mornings when work will be done. Be sure to remove the drop cloths during the times when the crew will not be working or the lack of sun may end up stressing them even more.

Put your elbow grease to work – clean off the surfaces of the walls with a pressure washer. Removing the grime and dirt will give the paint a good foundation to make it adhere better. You may also want to use a sander to remove chipping paint or smooth out rough spots. It will need to be done to get a clean finish and anything that you do not do the crew will have to complete before painting can begin.

Talk with your painting contractor to see what steps will make it easier for the painting crew. The time and energy you invest into preparing the location can add up to savings. The changes you make through exterior painting in Danville will serve to increase the value of the property through a stronger curb appeal.

Home Painting in Concord – Tips for Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Home Painting in Concord – Tips for Popcorn Ceiling RemovalThe task of home painting in Concord is made more difficult if the home has popcorn ceilings. The overwhelming task of popcorn ceiling removal can be made easier by following a few simple steps. Once you’ve removed the popcorn ceilings, home painting is much easier both now and in the future.

Popcorn ceiling installation had its peak in the last century. It does create a unique look for the ceiling, but the difficulties it presents make it the second choice to a smooth ceiling for most owners. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. has the experience to make your job a little easier.

Five Steps to Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Concord

Step One: know what is there. It is important to know what you are getting into before you start the removal process. Check any records available to find out the age of the existing ceiling. The textured look was once created with the use of asbestos. You will need to call in professionals if hazardous materials are involved.

Step Two: open up the space. Remove all of the items from the room where you will be working to remove the popcorn ceiling. This will make it easier to work by making space. Your clean up will be a little easier since you will not have to take out time to clean up the dust from any items that were left behind.

Step Three: safety first. The removal of the texture on your ceiling will require water. Turn off all breakers to the space and remove the fixtures in the room to be sure that there is no electricity that can come in contact with that water. Also, it is imperative to invest in masks to cover your mouth and nose. It will keep the dust from bothering your respiratory system.

Step Four: reduce the dust. Cover all the floors and openings to the rest of the building so that the dust and debris cannot get out. The more time you spend preparing for the removal process then the easier the cleanup will be when it is over.

Step Five: getting down to business. The actual removal of non-painted texture is rather simple. Fill a spray bottle with ordinary tap water. Use a ladder to get in a position where you can reach the ceiling. Spray the water on a small portion of the ceiling. The popcorn texture will absorb the water and can be scrapped off with a paint scrapper. Ceilings that have been painted or treated will require removal methods that take more time and energy.

The texture on a ceiling may look nice to some, but it can be impossible to keep clean and looking nice. Popcorn ceiling removal is important before you tackle home painting in Concord and can be just a few simple steps away.